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Terms & Conditions

Start Times Reservation
Start Times Confirmation
Car Reservation
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Start Times Reservation


When booking your stating times please consider the following:

1) Make sure that all players meet the handicap requirement of requested courses. (see our golf course details page.) We need to know your handicaps and if any of the players are Juniors.
2) Golf Courses start play usually at 7 a.m.
3) During wintertime the latest tee-off times in order to finish your golf in daylight are around noon.
4) Some courses send players off the 1st and 10th tee.
5) Courses with 3 nine-hole loops, the combination will be advised to you only after check in.
6) Booking golf on your arrival or departure date may be problematic due to flight delays. If you specifically ask us to do so, it will be of your full responsibility without any refunds due if you are not able to play.
7) Nearly all courses make up flight into 4 balls, being most likely that if your party is not an even number, to be joined with other players. You will never play as a single player.
8) If your party is an odd number, consecutive flights will be booked (i.e. 5 players - 3 + 2 ).
9) The dress code at some courses is very strict; you may be refused access to the course if you are not properly dressed. Tailored shorts and collard shirts are the summer standard.
10) Most golf courses require that you wear soft spikes on your shoes; spikes change is available at the courses that make this a compulsory rule.
11) The courses reserve the right to change confirmed times (even at short notice).
12) Neither we, nor the golf courses will give any refunds for "no shows", or if you are not allowed to play because you failed to show the appropriate handicap certificate or you are otherwise unfit to play.
13) Refund of greenfee will be contemplated only due to course closure.

When checking in at the golf courses:

1) Be at the golf courses at least 15 minutes before your tee off time.
2) Present your valid handicap certificates.
3) Give the golf desk the voucher that we have produced you with in exchange of a golf ticket to give you access to the golf course.
After these considerations, fill in our inquiry for correctly. Note that any incorrect information may jeopardise the booking procedure.
Upon receiving your completed enquiry form we will confirm the costs based on the rates and fees published on this website and ask you to confirm that you wish to proceed with the booking.

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Start Times Confirmation

As soon as the start times are confirmed to us by the golf courses, we will confirm them to you. Some courses reserve as much as 12 month in advance while others confirm it only 3 month before date of play.

Please make sure that you confirm your acceptance of the bookings within the following release periods. The non-fulfilment of these periods will result on reservations automatic cancellation without further notice.
1 within 7 days for start times received 12 weeks or more in advance
2 within 3 days for start times received 12 to 5 weeks in advance
3 within 1 day for start times received less than 5 weeks in advance
4 Release period for groups only on request.


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Once you have accepted start times, you need to pay to secure your golf booking.

If you book golf within only 36 days before arrival we will ask you for a deposit or your credit card details to confirm your commitment to the golf order.
Payments can be made by MasterCard (EuroCard) and VISA, or by transfer to our Portuguese bank account. Please note international bank transfers can be expensive, and we require you to bear the cost if you opt to do a bank transfer.
For credit card payments we need the type of the card, the number, expiry date, precise name of the cardholder on the card and the cardholder's postal address. We recommend that you do not include credit card details in e-mails. Let us have your credit card details by fax.

Cancel / Change

You can cancel and reduce golf bookings with us as follows:

1) For golf bookings up to 36 days before arrival we will refund all payments except the booking fees.
2) For golf bookings from 36 days before arrival we are not able to refund any payments, whatever the reason for the cancellation.
You can change golf bookings with us, subject to availability, as follows:
1) For confirmed golf bookings up to 36 days before arrival we will charge another golf booking fee per person.
2) For confirmed golf bookings from 36 days before arrival a change can only be made as a cancellation and a new order.


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Car Reservation


1) Unlimited mileage, VAT, full comprehensive insurance (valid in Portugal).
2) Minimum drivers age is 23 years old for groups A,B,C,O,S and 25 years old for other groups, with a minimum driving experience of 1 year.
3) All prices are for 7 days.
4) Applicable prices are valid for a minimum period of 7 days and maximum 30 days.
5) Rentals starting and finishing at Lisbon or Porto, prices will be increased of 20% for groups A,B,C other groups 10%.
6) Delivery and collection at Faro Airport is free of charge between 7a.m. and 12 p.m.. After hours (12 p.m. till 7 a.m.) there will be an additional delivery/collection charge of € 25 to be paid directly by client.
7) Delivery/collection at accommodation, only available from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.
8) Delivery at Lisbon and Porto Airports have and airport surcharge of € 15 to be paid locally by the client.
9) To cover for any damages made to the car there is a compulsory excess to pay or the option to take an additional daily insurance according to the table below.

A,B,C,O,S € 450.00 € 6.00
D,E,I,J € 800.00 € 7.00
F,G,N,P € 1.200.00 € 9.00
H,M,V € 1.600.00 € 12.00


Extra Driver
€ 16.00 per driver per rental
Baby Seat
€ 4.00
€ 56.00 Maximum Charge per Rental
€ 5.00
Available foe Groups B,C,E,I,J
Assistance/Coverage in Spain
On request
Personal Insurance
€ 3.50
Covers all occupants per rental

For car hire you can either pay when you book or such that we receive the payment no later than 15 days before arrival.


Cancel / Change

You can cancel car bookings with us as follows:
1. For car bookings up to 15 days before arrival we will refund all payments except the booking fees.
2. For car bookings from up to 15 days before arrival we are not able to refund any payments, whatever the reason for the cancellation.
You can change car bookings with us, as follows:
1. Changes (subject to availability) made within 48 hours of arrival an extra booking fee will be charged.


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Meet and welcome

We will make sure that our staff will meet you at the airport where the golf vouchers and the car will be delivered to you. In order to guaranty the correct delivery please make sure that the correct flight number is provided to us, even if it is late.

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